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Barnes Jewish Hospital
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BJCC Campus Renewal project is an  medical center through new construction and renovations, creating an environment and experience for patients and their families that matches the excellence in medical care they expect. RVC was key in providing the two newly built hospital towers at Barnes and Children's with state of the art data and voice network infrastructures. In addition, RVC provided data closet built out and installation to operate the hospitals key medical devices.

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Ballpark Village 

Saint Louis Ballpark Village is a dining and entertainment district adjacent to Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, occupying  this $100 million phase of the project is a multi tenant facility and super entertainment complex. RVC provided the low voltage infrastructure and cabling for the facilities network systems such as voice, data and point of sale equipment for various shops, stores and restaurants throughout the complex. 

Wash U MCC 
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The Mid Campus Center (MCC), a  newly built 12-story administrative office building . MCC was designed to bring departments together to improve the way occupants work, with new spaces for faculty offices, campus administration, research, and safety. RVC provided access control systems for the 12 story electronic control door systems.

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Urban League 

The two-story, 13,500-square-foot building houses the Urban League’s “Save Our Sons” workforce program, located  North St. Louis County .RVC was the designing build firm providing all the low voltage infrastructure cabling for voice, data, surveillance and IT components.

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Northeast Fire District 

This state of the Art emergency response center is a leader in emergency services.

RVC served as the Technology and design firm providing unified communications for the project facility. 

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